Guy Tullberg

Owner, Tracklements

    John Farrand

    Managing Director, The Guild of Fine Food

      Primrose Matheson

      Owner, Primrose’s Kitchen

        Matthew Shaw

        Founder, Shaw Provisions

          Jayne Noblet

          Founder, The Seed Fund

            Mark Wiltshire

            Co-Founder, Diverse Fine Food

              Camilla Barnard

              Co-Founder & Marketing Director, Rude Health

                Yasha Estraikh

                Associate Partner, Piper Private Equity

                  Patrick Horton

                  Commercial & Marketing Director, Forthglade

                    Renée Elliott

                    Entrepreneur, founder Planet Organic

                      Mike Coulter

                      Founder / Do Lecture Workshop Leader

                        Andrew Tucker

                        Head of Coffee, Clifton Coffee Roasters

                          David Webb

                          Marketing Director, The Collaborators

                            Paul Vita

                            Joint Managing Director, Thomas J Fudge's

                              Clare Hargreaves

                              Food Journalist/Founder, Feast with a Chef

                                Liz Gadd

                                Recruiter and Business Development Consultant

                                  Andrea Berlowitz

                                  Owner, Tulip Strategies

                                    Nicki Stewart

                                    Co-Founder, Diverse Fine Food

                                      Jessica Carter

                                      Editor, Crumbs Magazine (Bath)

                                        Jonathan Gaunt

                                        Owner, FD Works

                                          Andrew Stafford

                                          Angel Investor

                                            Lou Hart

                                            Trend Consultant

                                              Rosie Marteau

                                              Owner, Yuyo (Seed winner 2015)

                                                Rob Bugler

                                                Head of Consumer Solutions, Whitworth’s

                                                  Mick Whitworth

                                                  Editor, Fine Food Digest at Guild of Fine Food

                                                    Mike Thorne

                                                    Co Owner Cakesmiths & Bakesmiths/Angel investor

                                                      Yvonne O’Donovan

                                                      Head of Business & Enterprise, School of Artisan Food

                                                        Pam Lloyd

                                                        Founder, Pam Lloyd PR



                                                          YOLANDA GAIA PULSES

                                                          “From the very first workshop I got a better understanding of my brand and how important is the answer to why am I doing Gaia Pulses. After meetings with the Seed Fund Mentors, fears that I had went away, I received answers to my big and many questions and left with a good insight of the food industry and how things work”