Guy Tullberg


After a very unsuccessful school career, that ended with a night in the cells and being collected the following day by my parents! I began my working life in the City, insuring oil tankers and small countries. I stuck at it for 4 years and then decided that a year as a motorcycle despatch rider was the thing – a rebellious extreme. I then spent 6 months travelling in the US, before finally realising that my future lay in Condiments! I think that I did the required “education” towards becoming an entrepreneur! My working life has been dedicated, over the last 30 years, to Tracklements. We have grown from start up to national brand in that time and we continue to lead and innovate within the speciality condiment market.

What skills can you bring as a mentor?

I believe that business and its process is one of the most fascinating and exciting things I have ever been involved with. I’m interested in the alignment of people and skills as well the entrepreneur’s performance and abilities. Patience, guidance, enthusiasm and professionalism

What do you think makes the difference between a good business and a brilliant business?

The Trinity -Just like the lifecycle of a product, so a business requires a changing skill set. With the initial emphasis on the entrepreneur followed by the stronger requirements for the businessman and finally a reliance on professionals. You need to have an understanding of all three to make it all work. My Trinity has the Heart of the Entrepreneur; the head of the Businessman and the hands of the Professional.

If you had your time again in business, what would you do differently?

Be braver, be analytical, be more humble. Listen, engage and share more.