Jonathan Gaunt


As a Chartered Management Accountant, I followed the traditional route of working in large corporate businesses such as Lloyds Banking Group and what was British Gas. I learnt loads, but I always had the dream of running my own business.So in 2015, I turned my back on corporate life to set up FD Works.We have the simple aim of providing ambitious owner managed businesses with hands on finance support. Think of us as your ‘best friend in finance’.

What skills can you bring as a mentor?

Getting to grips with your finances and taking ownership of your numbers is hugely important to the success of any business, but can be daunting. I help business owners demystify and actually have fun with their figures!

What do you think makes the difference between a good business and a brilliant business?

Behind brilliant business are brilliant people. It’s about having the vision to know where you want to take your business and the passion and energy to make things happen. Winning the hearts and minds of others you work with and bringing them with you on your journey is crucial.

If you had your time again in business, what would you do differently?

Be brave and take action – don’t wait for everything to be perfect, it never will be. Be fearless (not reckless) and look forward. When you make a mistake, learn from it and keep going.