Neil White


I am a Food & Lifestyle photographer living at the foot of the Quantock Hills, in my homeland of Somerset. I started my career on a slightly different path to shooting food, assisting fashion photographers before moving to the bright lights of London to work as a retail photographer for The Burton Group. Three years later I cast aside the corporate shackles to freelance for clients in London and the South West, eventually feeling the pull of the green grass of home and an annoyance of the Northern Line, I moved back home to the shire!

I wear many hats in my work, but have a huge passion for working within food, with clients ranging from larger Nationals through to inspiring artisans and chefs across the UK. I feel very lucky to be able to shoot for people who are passionate about their product, to help give others a glimpse of the story behind the brand, and to show them in the best visual way possible.  

My involvement  with The Seed Fund started by creating images for the 2015 winners Yuyo,  later with the 2016 winners Adams Chocolates, and also documenting the finalists for their final pitch.  Working for The Seed Fund is such a positive experience, being given the opportunity to be part of a team working with a small brand right at the start of their journey…