Primrose Matheson


I had no background in marketing, no background in food manufacturing or building a factory. The only jobs I had were working in health food shops as a student and for non-food related family businesses. When I left school I went on to do Homeopathy and Naturopathy studies, the knowledge of which I eventually used to come up with the recipes and set to work making them from my kitchen in Dorset.

I launched Primrose’s Kitchen in 2013 from a desire to add more nutrition to that all-important meal of the day – breakfast! From the small beginnings of the farmers market in Sherborne and local fairs, Primrose’s Kitchen is stocked throughout the UK, including Waitrose and Ocado, and is now exporting to Europe. 

What can you offer as a mentor?

I can help and advise on the practical side of taking a cottage industry product and scaling it up to meet larger demand and the options, pro and cons to think about. Being clear about your vision and where you want to be. Starting with what you want for yourself is key to the direction the business goes. Building confidence, I hope I can help anyone see the blessing in any burden and build on his or her strengths.

What would you do differently if you were to start over?

For too long I worried about all the things I couldn’t do and when I realised the art of delegation and the importance of that in growing a business, things changed.