“Winning the support of The Seed Fund and The Collaborators means the message we want to share with the world will be stronger and more incisive. People’s diets can be massively improved by eating mineral rich raw foods like raw chocolate; we want to help people lead healthier lives, and to have this support to help spread our message is incredibly exciting”

– Adam’s Chocolates

“The Seed Academy is a very special place to be. It offers individuals like me valuable opportunities to become involved in a diverse range of workshops and mentoring sessions; learning about key success factors, how to overcome challenges and future direction, which everyone has been able to benefit from”

 – Alyce, OOMPF

“From the very first workshop I got a better understanding of my brand and how important is the answer to why am I doing Gaia Pulses. After meetings with the Seed Fund Mentors, fears that I had went away, I received answers to my big and many questions and left with a good insight of the food industry and how things work”

 – Yolanda, Gaia Pulses

“The Seed Fund Academy offered an abundance of opportunities that start-ups like mine can only dream of. Having the chance to receive funding and advice from industry experts is something i couldn’t afford to miss – and i believe with the help of The Seed Fund, Bullion can become a more national brand.”

 – Max, Bullion Chocolate

“In terms of mentoring it has been an amazing opportunity to be challenged by a series of true experts on every aspect of our business – from finance to flavour. Every session allowed us to learn without the costly and time-consuming process of trial and error. For a new company without long term food industry experience it was invaluable”

 – John, Firepot

“The Seed Academy has covered the crucial areas of any new food or drink business that you would not otherwise have known existed. Whilst it covers a broad range of subjects, the sessions were very focused and train you to think about your brand differently- from the practical business side (i.e finance) to the emotional engagement and purpose of your brand (something a lot of brands often miss). The Seed Academy extracts this information from you and channels it in to bettering your brand and products.”

 – Gabriel, Grounded

“The Seed Academy has given me invaluable training from sales to marketing, to finance and to pitching and much much more. It has given me further confidence and drive to make my olives a success whilst also introducing me to a brand new group of friends in the food community it will all support each other along the way”

– Olly, Olly’s Olives

“The Seed Fund Academy really focused my mind on how to grow my business. When you are a one girl band, it is hard to find the time to think strategically and look at your business differently. Since starting I have briefed packaging designers and am talking to bigger bakeries about scaling up as well as starting negotiations with buyers”

– Liz, Ma Baker

“The Seed Academy has unravelled everything I thought about my business, product and brand, and put it back together in a way that I now have a clear strategy of what I need to do to move it forward. I also met other fantastic food and drink entrepreneurs and sharing experiences and ideas with them has been really enlightening, and a contrast to the norm. As often as a small business owner you can spend many hours on your own which can sometimes be difficult”

 – Sophie, Barmies